Karate leadership UK Maidstone is a martial arts school dedicated to helping all of its students achieve their full potential not only in martial arts, but in life.

We offer classes for 3-5 year olds
Classes for students aged 5+ and Family classes.

Ladies only Kick boxing and Adult only classes are also available at our Main Dojo in Lordswood.

Senior Instructor: Sensei Pemble (3rd Dan Blackbelt)

Sensei PembleSensei Pemble is a long term student of the Martial Arts and has reached the grade of third Dan Blackbelt with Karate Leadership UK – Recently winning the exclusive “Spirit of excellence” award he is a valued member of the Leadership UK family. Sensei Pemble is also an Aikido student who is well on the way to becoming a blackbelt in another martial art and also studies Shotokan Karate under Sensei Evans 5th Dan.


At Karate Leadership UK we’ve always believed that teaching the martial arts code as it’s been taught throughout history is very important. Values such as self-control, integrity and respect are as important to the trainee as the martial arts skills themselves. We’ll teach you to achieve a positive mental attitude as you follow the path towards gaining your own Black Belt qualification. Adults and children, men and women will all benefit mentally and physically from our training and it will help every single person to develop their own personal key life skills and increase their self confidence.

At Karate Leadership UK we pride ourselves on teaching these principles in an engaging and modern way while still retaining the heart and soul of the original masters.

To book your FREE trial class with one of our Senior Instructors – Call 01634 323850 or CLICK HERE.

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