Lordswood Leisure Centre

Karate Leadership UK’s Main dojo and Headquarters is located in Lordswood Chatham.

KLUK was founded in 2001 by Chief Master Marsh & Sensei Diane Marsh at Buckmore park – when Buckmore park closed down its leisure centre in 2003 Chief Master Marsh and Sensei Diane dedicated themselves to building a full time facility to ensure that their students would always have a place to train. In 2006 the Lordswood Dojo was built and Karate Leadership UK proudly offers classes to everyone of all ages and abilities, whether you have martial arts experience or are completely new to this exciting and rewarding hobby!


Chief Master Marsh & Sensei Diane Marsh

Former World Champion Chief Master Marsh with Sensei Diane Marsh

Chief Master Marsh started training when he was 12 years old, and has been training in the martial arts ever since. At the height of his professional fight career he won the 1998-1999 WKO World heavyweight title in Kumite (Full Contact Karate). 




Sensei Bonella – 3rd Dan Blackbelt

Sensei Bonella 3rd Dan Black Belt from Karate Leadership UK - your first choice for Karate,Aikido, Kickboxing and martial arts classes in Chatham & Medway. Based at Lordswood Lesiure Centre - 01634 323 850.

Sensei Bonella has been training in the martial arts for many years and has been teaching since 2009. He is the main Karate instructor at the Dojo and teaches most classes from the ninja tots through to the Black belt only classes.

At Karate Leadership UK we’ve always believed that teaching the martial arts code as it’s been taught throughout history is very important. Values such as self-control, integrity and respect are as important to the trainee as the martial arts skills themselves. We’ll teach you to achieve a positive mental attitude as you follow the path towards gaining your own Black Belt qualification. Adults and children, men and women will all benefit mentally and physically from our training and it will help every single person to develop their own personal key life skills and increase their self confidence.

At Karate Leadership UK we pride ourselves on teaching these principles in an engaging and modern way while still retaining the heart and soul of the original masters.

To book your FREE trial class with one of our Senior Instructors – Call 01634 323850 or CLICK HERE.

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