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Thank you for Visiting our page. We have a fantastic fully equipped Martial Arts Dojo (training hall), full safety matting, comfortable seating for parents and we are open all week with great parking. The Dojo was completed in 2013 to support our growing Academy and we have classes to suit all age ranges (from 3-65+ yrs) and abilities.We offer premium karate, kickboxing, Aikido and martial arts in Ashford that can make a difference in your life, help you to get fit, give you more confidence and let you feel a bit safer too.

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Senior Instructor: Sensei Panton (3rd Dan Blackbelt)

Sensei Panton has been studying the Martial Arts for many years. He is currently a third Dan Blackbelt in Wado Ryu Karate – As one of Chief Master Marsh’s finest students and senior instructors he is a key member of the Leadership UK family. Sensei Panton is also an Aikido student who is well on the way to become a blackbelt in a second discipline and also studies Shotokan Karate under Sensei Evans 5th Dan.

As a school we believe in teaching the code behind martial arts as it has been taught throughout history. Values such as respect, integrity and self-control are as important to the trainee as the physical skills themselves. We’ll help you to achieve a positive mental attitude as you follow the path towards achieving your own Black Belt qualification. Men, women and children all benefit mentally and physically from our training and will help every single person to develop their own self confidence and key life skills.

We teach these principles in a modern and engaging way while still retaining the heart and soul of the original masters.

Don’t put off making a change or starting something new, call us today and take your free trial class, whether you want to get fit, lose weight, or achieve something fantastic, Karate Leadership UK can lead the way.




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