Aikido Kokyu Nage

Aikido is a defensive art that uses an attacker’s own size and force against them – As a result, Aikido is a highly effective form of self-defence that does not require great size or strength on the part of the practitioner.

Training is co-operative, with students helping each other learn techniques at a pace in line with their abilities rather than competing with each other.

Aikido is unique within Martial Arts because the defensive nature of the art teaches students how to avoid fighting. It differs from other Fighting Arts as the goal is to control and neutralise an attack through non confrontational harmonious movement, not to focus on the destruction of the attacker.

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Although punches and kicks are used to illustrate points, students learn to redirect attacks and aggressive Aikidoenergy without hurting themselves and effectively diffusing a situation – we learn the physical skills necessary for self-defence while learning focus and confidence.

At Karate Leadership UK Aikido Kent our teachers will help each Aikido student achieve their own personal goal within the art, from self-defence techniques to physical health and peace of mind. The Japanese word “Aikido” basically translates into ‘The Way of Harmony of the Spirit’ and as such we work on the development of harmony and peace within each student and teach body awareness, sensitivity to movement and coordination.

At Karate Leadership UK Aikido we follow the belief that Aikido training develops self-confidence, well being and a positive self-image.

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